Community Outreach Programs

Mentorship Programs for Minority Business
As part of its commitment to small business, QSTI participates in mentor-protégé programs with various small minority businesses within Montgomery County. These programs provide a catalyst for developing strategic alliances and joint marketing opportunities between large corporations using various minority certifications. Through these programs, QSTI has received awards for utilizing small businesses as suppliers and subcontractors. Mr. Fleming (CEO) and President for QSTI is also an Adjunct Professor at Montgomery College where he teaches small and minority businesses how to gain access to government contracts.

Montgomery County Public Schools Student history enhancements
The Damascus Connection Committee is a non-profit organization that is a sub-component of Quality Solution Technologies, Inc (QSTI). In 2005, the Damascus Connection Committee joined with another Damascus non-profit organization to create a joint venture, named the Damascus Heritage Society (DHS). The DHS, along with the Montgomery County Public School System (MCPS) is working together to install a student field trip program each year to visit the Damascus Heritage Museum to ensure that our local county students are informed about the rich history of Damascus, MD.

Damascus Maryland Community Outreach Support
The Damascus Connection Committee (DCC) is a non-profit organization that is a sub-component of Quality Solution Technologies, Inc (QSTI). From 2004 until 2007 the DCC has successfully installed and supported numerous projects in the Damascus community. These projects include:

  • Designing the framework to install a Historic Museum for the township of Damascus.
  • Submitted a plan that enabled the Damascus Heritage Society to obtain a Bond-Bill in 2007 in support of building a Historic Museum.
  • Organized a community outreach program to support the elderly citizens of Damascus to obtain home-care support.
  • Organized a community outreach plan to support the citizens of Damascus who were attached to a faulty septic system, enabling them to connect to the county public sewerage system.
  • Organized a community outreach plan to get a traffic light installed at a dangerous location on Route-27 and Oak Drive.
  • Became a voice to the Maryland State Governor, Montgomery County Executive and Council Members on the many issues related to problems in the upcounty Damascus community.

Montgomery County Recreation Department (MCRD) Community Outreach Program
The Damascus Connection Committee (DCC) is a non-profit organization that is a sub-component of Quality Solution Technologies, Inc (QSTI). In 2006, Mr. Fleming became one of the advisors to the MCRD. This relationship enabled the Director of the MCRD and member from the DCC to submit a proposal to Montgomery County Public School to lease land to install a Bike Safety Rodeo Farm in Damascus. This proposal was approved by MSPS Superintendent Dr. Weast. The team of the Damascus Connection Committee, the Damascus Heritage Society and the Montgomery County Recreation Department are working closely with Montgomery County Public School officials to complete this project by late 2009.

Upcounty Community Involvement
The Damascus Connection Committee (DCC) is a non-profit organization that is a sub-component of Quality Solution Technologies, Inc. (QSTI). In 2006 the Damascus Connection Committee called for action to be taken by County officials, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), African American Advisory Group for the County Executive and other organizations to address hate crimes taken against two historically Black Churches, Seneca Community Church, and St. Mark’s United Methodist Church located both located in the upcounty region of Montgomery County, MD.

County Executive Douglas M. Duncan held a press conference at the St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, 19620 White Grounds Road, Boyd’s, Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 3:00 p.m.  The members and associations attended were Montgomery County Council President, George Leventhal, Councilmember Mike Knapp, Montgomery County Police Chief, NAACP, and members from the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission
In 2007 Mr. Fleming was asked by member of Marks United Methodist Church and Boyd’s Negro School to help support the mission in retrieving the Edward U. Taylor Elementary School to enhance the empowerment of the African American community in Boyd’s Maryland. If successful, this mission will enhance the entire community with community outreach programs and activities.

In 2007 Mr. Fleming working with Dr. Camille O. Cosby (wife of well-known actor Bill Cosby and News Anchor Renee Poussaint), with the process of installing his uncle Mr. Harvey Zeigler into the National Visionary Leadership Program (NVLP).  The NVLP, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, brings the generations together and creates tomorrow’s leaders by recording, preserving, and distributing, through various educational media, the wisdom of extraordinary African American elders who have shaped American history. To see more about this outstanding program, go to

Montgomery County Historical Preservation
 Mr. Fleming, who is one of Montgomery Counties Historical Preservation Commissioners (HPC), enhances the many processes in providing historical permits to citizens who are wishing to upgrade their homes and sites under the Historical Preservation Rule. In this position, Mr. Fleming has able to bring insight to the many problems relating to African American communities. His mission has been to teach and inform all citizens the rules and regulations relating to historical preservation. Mr. Fleming was selected in 2006 to perform the tour of Uncle Tom’s Cabin is located off Old Georgetown road. Over two thousand citizens came out to witness this tour. Washington DC’s Channel 5 performed the coverage and Mr. Fleming helped to dispel the myth that “Uncle Tom” (in reality, Josiah Henson) was a weak, uneducated man. The visitors learned that that Josiah Henson was an intelligent man who was made CEO of the plantation by the owners (the Riley Family of Rockville, MD). 

Lincoln Park Historical Preservation Committee
The Damascus Connection Committee (DCC) is a non-profit organization that is a sub-component of Quality Solution Technologies, Inc (QSTI). In 2006, the DCC joint ventured with the Lincoln Park Historical Society that was working with Tavis Smiley and Dr. West in the voter registration and the promotion of Mr. Smiley’s book, “The Covenant.” Mr. Fleming is a member of the Lincoln Park Historical Preservation Committee and acknowledges his commitment and loyalty to President Ms Anita Powell.